Here is an overview of what I do and do not eat to treat AS. Questions and answers are below the chart. Please read my story or watch my videos to learn why I eat this way.

What I Never Eat

What I Occassionally Eat

What I Frequently Eat (safe foods)

Grains Aged Cheeses, Butter Quality Meat & Fish
Legumes, Beans, Soy Dark Chocolate White Rice
Fruits Leafy Vegetables White Potatoes
Vegetable Oils Asparagus Dextrose
Starchy Vegetables Canola Oil Coconut (Flakes & Oil)
Brown Rice Table Sugar Cacao (Nibs & Butter)
Nuts or Seeds Cherry Garcia Ice Cream Olive Oil
Fermented Foods Spices Sea or Himalayan Salt
Maple Syrup, Honey Garlic/Onion as Seasoning Coffee
Corn Mushrooms

Do you eat any other foods?

Generally, if it’s not on the list of “occasionally” or “frequently” eaten, I do not eat it.  

Once in awhile–when I’m pain-free–I experiment with new foods, mostly gluten-free products (like “gluten-free bread” or “gluten-free cookies” that don’t have a lot of starches) or sauces (such as wine-based sauces on steak). Sometimes I handle them, sometimes I bloat or trigger AS pain.

If any AS pain is detectable, I stick exclusively to my “safe foods” list.


If I have AS, should I eat exactly what you’re eating?

Not in my view. This limited diet works well for me, but you may be able to eat additional foods that are nutritious. For instance, I cannot eat eggs because I developed an allergy to them, but I do not think they trigger AS. Likewise, I don’t eat a lot of vegetables because they hurt my stomach, but certainly vegetables have their benefits.

At times I have not been able to eat even some of my “safe foods”. For instance, I could not eat birds (chicken, turkey, duck) for months because my stomach reacted strongly to them. What I’ve learned over and over is: follow your gut.

It’s important to note that some people do not find relief through diet for AS.


Do you take supplements?

I supplement with 1 gram of Vitamin C everyday because I do not get it from anything I eat. I occasionally supplement with kelp to get iodine. I also supplement with Vitamin D when I’m not getting enough sunshine.